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 Campaign to make Houston Stress Free Violence Free

What is

Make Houston Happy ?

Make Houston Happy is a public service initiative and campaign to positively impact the quality of life of Houstonians. Within a short span of  3 weeks from ( May 17 - June 7, 2019) our goal is to personally connect with over thousands of lives across the greater Houston area and help them experience Joy, Happiness from within. We aim to empower them with practical tools like breathing practices, meditation and mindfulness to find relief from daily stresses and anxiety.

How can you be part of this ?

Why should yoga studio partner?

The real essence of yoga is inner peace, joy and freedom. As a yoga studio you nest a peace loving and self aware community on a daily basis. Partnering in this campaign is an opportunity to show that you care about the inner well-being of the greater Houston community, and acting in the intention of honoring the light and life in everyone.

Why should non -profit/for profit organizations support the campaign?

 As a for-profit organization, you help people express their talents and support their families finances. Work life brings with it constant deadlines and a fair share of stresses

Partnering with us, you can help your employees emotional and physical well-being and improve their productivity and team work skills. 

Being a non-profit organization, you are known for your dedication to help people, and the greatest need of our community today is having awareness and tools to manage our own mind and emotions. 

Why should Radio & Television support the campaign?

The radio is a powerful messenger in our lives. We listen to you while driving (for long times) on our commutes. When was the last time there was a city-wide conversation on Happiness, inviting people to share what's real ? How about we do something unique and creative, and help improve the quality of people's lives ?

Real time happiness challenge

Audience who participate are given a unique task every day (related to the theme of happiness) and then call in to share their personal stories on how they go about completing the task.


How can you be part of the campaign?

We believe in strengthening the society by strengthening each individual in it.

By being happy yourself consistently, you become an inspiration to other's connected to you. 


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non -profit/for profit organizations

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